About Us

Rabbit Hill Collection is the brainchild of Alabama based artist, Ashley Wiltshire Spotswood, who has been drawing and creating since she was five years old. Originally trained as a painter, Ashley should have known she couldn’t escape the world of 3D design when her career in the metal world was foretold by a fortune teller in the 1980s.

Spotswood began designing furniture in the late 80’s ,on a whim when she was unable to purchase an expensive antique iron cocktail table. She had an “ah-HA!” moment when driving by an ornamental shop and realized she could make her own table. With her customary zeal, Spotswood immersed herself into the world of metal art and production, exploring local and regional foundries, blacksmith and fabrication  shops.

After her first table was well-received, she began her own business creating custom metal furniture, eventually showing product at the Highpoint Furniture Market. Like the South itself, her designs are an elegant mixture of the whimsical, the primitive and the modern, combining the Old World inspiration of iron balconies in New Orleans with the romantic wildness of Nature .

Rabbit Hill Designs tells an Industrial Fairy Tale. Fabricated and forged by  blacksmiths and metal artisans, the pieces are functional and substantial with unexpected elements of playfulness. In the world of Rabbit Hill, furniture is a friend as likely to tell a story as hold your drink. Stay tuned as new designs are on the way.